Information and Support

New Owners  If you are new to this situation you're probably feeling overwhelmed right now.  Here is just a few resources with information to get you started. 

Puppy FAQ page  FAQ about raising a Blind puppy

Blind Dog Tips Accumulated suggestions from the blind dog list and message board

Games for Blind Dogs  Suggested activities for our blind dogs.  Thank you to Caryl-Rose Pofcher for this submission!

Blinddog Connections Instructions on joining the Blind Dog email list

Blind Dog Message Board Message Board which is separate  but compliments the email list

Glaucoma Co-Manger of the list Kerry has written a very informative article on glaucoma

Wyatt's Article   Barbara Anderson, a long time member of the Blind Dog List , writes  about her dogs Wyatt's experience with Glaucoma

Medical Therapy for Glaucoma (and other eye problems) One common concern for owners is what type of meds are available and what side effects they have.  Kerry (co-manger) put together some information on commonly used medications  mainly for glaucoma.  


Antiglaucoma Agents




Timolol (Timoptic, Timoptic-XE)




Optimmune (commonly used used for dry eye, KCS and CSK in dogs)



VetCentric Article Great online article "When Dogs Can't See"  that some of the Blind Dog members were asked to contribute to

Vet Ophthalmologists Listings eyevet recommendations from the people that use them

Toys for Blinddogs Toys that maybe  appropiate for blind/visually impaired dogs

Blind Dogs Just Want to Have Fun New Page! A fun page showing blind/visually impaired dogs having fun with the toys they love!

Blinddog Bytes Online and printed publications we have been in

Blinddogs WebRing  Instructions of submitting your site about a blind/visually impaired dog to the webring

Blinddogs Awards Sites that have strived to promote visually impaired dogs welfare

Other Sites of Interest to Blind Dog Owners  Alot of links 

Sites about Blind/Visually Impaired Dogs Both members and non-members of the blind dog list, sites about their own dogs


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